Welcome Farmer Nick!

by Jul 1, 2019

While we say goodbye to some, we welcome others to the team! You may have seen him around Hope Farms for the last month getting to know us.

Hello Nick!


Nick DeBrock, our new Farm Manager, moved from Connecticut where he ran vegetable production for The Hickories. He is your go-to for farm shares, restaurant sales, day-to-day production and our weekly farm stand! We’re excited to extend a big Texas welcome to Nick! We asked him a few questions to dig a little deeper:

What is the biggest difference in farming in Southeast Texas versus Connecticut?

The biggest change is just how drastic the timing is on fruits and vegetables. It is July and tomato season is over, whereas in Connecticut we are lucky to get a tomato before July 4th. Another obvious difference is the lack of winter here meaning an opportunity to grow year round.

What is the next step for Hope Farms?

Hope Farms is in a big transition point at the moment and the answer to this can be quite vast! We are going to continue to add more acreage into production slowly and sustainably, allowing for a steady increase in produce production. This naturally leads us to expanding our markets and popping the Rolling Green Market up at more locations. My goal this next year is centered around getting repeatable systems down for a more economical and sustainable farm. 

We know you love veggies! What is your favorite vegetable to grow?

 It has to be peppers! A pepper in my opinion can offer such a variety of flavors that are so unique. They can range from sweet as an apple to too hot to even touch and if you dry them out they take on a whole other range of flavors. Peppers simply are the most rewarding vegetable to grow.

What is your favorite thing you have done in Houston so far?

I feel like I am so wiped from the sun that I barely do anything. Just yesterday I was driving home from Wabash feed store with Alex (my partner). Traffic looked awful on 610 so we decided to turn down a random road where we drove by El Bolillo Bakery. We immediately u-turned and found ourself walking into pasty heaven. We must have bought a dozen pastries, all of which were amazing, for just over five dollars. Turns out the bakery seems to be a pretty big deal to certain Houstonians. What made it special was finding this gem by accident.

What drew you to Recipe For Success?

I always wanted to grow food to make a change! I found myself growing food on a family farm in Connecticut which provided experiences I would not change for anything, however I felt though that I was not doing enough. I wanted to make a difference not just for one small community, but for a whole city. Recipe for Success and Hope Farms takes this challenge head on, while also allowing for the growth of new urban agriculture in an area so desperate for farmers and their produce.