Farm Internships

Farm Internships & Fellowships

Come learn and experience the joys and power of urban farming! The Hope Farms Internships are a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience working on a sustainable urban farm while supporting our mission of providing affordable fresh produce to Houstonians. Hope Farms offers a limited number of internships each semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) to college students or post graduates who are knowledgeable about horticulture and passionate about urban agriculture, food systems and organic methods and are in search of a dynamic, on-farm experience. Each summer, we expand the opportunity to high-school students who are simply passionate about our work and willing to work hard.

We have expanded this opportunity to offer a GAP YEAR FELLOWSHIP to high school and college grads interested in taking a full year to learn about sustainable food systems and the operations of a regenerative urban farm that embraces resilient practices designed to protect farmland and ecosystems while producing the food we rely upon. Whether you intend to pursue a career in food production or preparation or simply become a mindful consumer, this experience will empower you to fully understand the importance of building a resilient local food system. This is a full-time, unpaid opportunity.

GAP Year Fellowships are limited and awarded on a competitive basis.