Boards & Committees

Hope Farms is a program of Recipe for Success Foundation which is governed by an Executive Committee to the CEO, a working Board of Directors and an Advisory Board which work together to provide fiscal oversight, advice, counsel and operational support that is invaluable in our efforts to build and sustain operations in service to our mission and vision.
Additionally, there are specialty committees unique to Hope Farms that enjoy membership from our Boards and the broader community: The Hope Farms Committee governs strategic growth and planning; the Farm Art committee plans and executes art activations that embrace learning opportunities, performance and installations; the Chefs Brigade engages in classes and events as well as purchases our produce; and the SPICE Guild which provides hands-on support of operations across the spectrum.
Executive Committee
Gracie Cavnar, President, Founder & CEO
Aashish Parekh, Board Secretary/Treasurer
Kathryne Castellanos, Board VP
RJ Jenkins, Member of the Board

Meet the Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Amy Anton, Emeritus
Glen Boudreaux, Emeritus
Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl
Kathryne Castellanos
Bob Cavnar, Emeritus Founder
Gracie Cavnar, Founder
Priya Coffey
Jen Cunningham
Sheree Frede
Ashton Garrison
Rodolfo Guerra
Kelly Hales
Deanna Hoelscher, Emeritus
Amber Jay
RJ Jenkins
Barbara McKnight
Virginia McMullen
Aashish Parekh
Elizabeth Phillips
Jessica Rossman
Rashi Tiwari

Advisory Board

Amy Anton, Chair
Holly Alvis
Amanda Avery
Kristin Blomquist
Kevin Bryant
Robert L. Cavnar, Jr.
Roland Garcia
Gayla Gardner
Gina Gaston Elie
Lance Gilliam
Myrtle Jones
Scott Kelly
Sippi Khurana, M.D.
Courtney Paddock
Genevieve Patterson
Karen Penner
Joey Romano
Sharon Sanders
Zeenath Selvakumar
Melissa Stevens

Hope Farms Committee
Bob Cavnar, Chair
Glen Boudreaux
Gracie Cavnar
Priya Coffey
Kelly Coleman, MD
Lance Gilliam
Rudy Guerra
Joey Romano
Sharon Sanders
Rosario Tortorice, Jr
Chefs Brigade
Ojan Bagher
Aaron Bludorn
Ryan Bouillet
Felipe Botero
Kelli Bunch
Paul Chui
Robert Del Grande
Giancarlo Ferrara
Felix Flores
Peter Garcia
Troy Guard
Charlie Ho
Vincent Huynh
Mayank Istwal
Eli Jackson
Thomas Laczynski
Greg Martin
Barbara McKnight
Ben McPherson
Travis McShane
Hugo Ortega
Ryan Pera
Omar Pereny
Monica Pope
Luis Roger
Martin Stayer
Kaitlin Steets
Erin Stewart-O’Leary
Ruffy Sulaiman
Danny Trace
Kiran Verma
Chase Voelz
Antoine Ware
Farm Art Committee

Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl, CoChair
Jessica Rossman, CoChair
Aisha Berry
Greg Boyd
Gracie Cavnar
Mario Figueroa, Jr.
Tarina Frank
Caroline Goeser
Necole Irvin
Janus Lazarath
Rich Levy
Nancy Littlejohn
Marion Luntz
Judy Nyquist
Jose Rivera
Sarah Jayne Smith
Rashi Tiwari
Anna Walker
Alison Weaver
Christine West
Kheli Willetts