Market Days


At 10:30 each Saturday, Chef Paris presents Cook the Harvest Demo, a free presentation of an easy-to-prepare, delicious dish using a veggie available at market that day that may be unfamiliar to many. It’s a great opportunity to try something new. The demo is fun for all ages and Paris will often recruit a sous chef from the spectators for a little more hands-on experience.

Cook the Harvest Classes are offered on Saturdays, each with a special theme and prices for adults or families to participate. Often, we host a celebrity chef teacher to add to the fun. These classes are limited in size and must be booked in advance. See Classes for more details.


Throughout the fall, Zeenath Selvakumar, one of our Founding S.P.I.C.E. members, conducts a free yoga class each Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome to join her. We have a collection of mats, thanks to the Give Back Yoga Foundation, but you are free to bring your own and join in.

First Saturdays at Hope Farms

 On the first Saturday of each month, we host additional vendors offering movement classes, crafts, and prepared food to extend the fun from 9:00 a.m. to noon. You never know what delicious treasure you will discover at Hope Farms First Saturdays. Upcoming dates are:March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7 and December 5, 2020.

Market Days

WEDSDAYS 2:00 T0 5:00

Hope Farms Produce Stand

Produce is harvested immediately before our markets, so you are getting the freshest food possible and you won’t believe the difference in flavors.


Our Hope Farms Gardener offers free Gardening Classes to members of the Hope Farms Community Garden and others each Saturday morning at 9:00 and teaches a regular weekly schedule of themed garden classes for both children and adults. These classes are limited in size and must be booked in advance. See Classes for more details.