Small Group

Group Size: 1 – 8 individuals
Recommended Financial Support: None

At Hope Farms we incorporate individuals into the normal day-to-day farm tasks during our open volunteer days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 8am – noon. Depending on the time of year and overall farm needs, Saturday mornings or other days of the week can be scheduled as well. Projects may include weeding, mulching, clearing beds, planting, and beyond. In the classroom help Recipe for Success Foundation teach, empower and inspire healthy eating.

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 8-noon you can help with: Gardening in the Pollinator, Chefs and Children’s Gardens
Lend a hand in the fields, weeding, planting and harvesting

Help with Field Trip Fridays


Medium Group

Group Size: 8 – 25 individuals
Recommended Financial Support: $200 – $600 and up

This is a more structured day and depending on your group’s goals. Projects can include:
Fruit tree planting, pollinator/habitat planting, raised bed building, building garden follies, toolsheds, etc.

We love having volunteers!

Hope Farms has dozens of opportunities for you to lend a hand in our work to teach, empower and inspire healthy eating. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, we have delicious fun in store for you.  With advance registration, individual volunteers are welcomed on the farm Monday-Friday between 9:00 and 1:00 when they lend a hand with everything from weeding to harvesting and even help us run the farm store.  We occasionally have activities after hours when we can use extra hands.  

Register to help and explore our full list of individual opportunities HERE

But maybe you have a group that wants to come help. Email and let’s make that happen.

We welcome everyone and recognize that every group is unique in their desire to help and support. Groups of eight or more require a large amount of time, energy and coordination to plan and execute a successful workday. As a result, we ask that larger groups and organizations include financial support to help offset extra costs associated with tool rental, planning, and the purchase of various materials and supplies. That said, we do not want finances to be an obstacle preventing a group from supporting our mission and outline some no-cost alternatives as well as larger initiatives.


Large Group

Group Size: 25 – 200+ individuals
Recommended Financial Support: $600 – $10,000+

These days are highly planned and structured with groups supporting specific infrastructure build outs on the farm, which include planting fruit tree orchards, raised bed construction, habitat area creation and public art projects, among others.

No Cost Options for Medium and Large Groups
Join other groups in a previously planned public workday including MLK Day of service.
Divide into smaller teams of 4 – 8 and come over a series of days as described above.