Earth Day Festival

Earth Day at Hope Farms

Join us April 6, 2024, when we celebrate healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet in salute to Earth Day, which also happens to be Hope Farms’ 8th Birthday!  

Held in conjunction with our First Saturday Market, we will have a full schedule 9:00 to 2:00 of free events–from cooking and gardening classes to storytime,  yoga and a haiku poem writing contest.

Or you can join other volunteers in some hands on help to plant trees, pollinators and food or spread compost and mulch to build healthy soil in our fields.

We will have art creation and games for all ages, alongside our weekly Satuday Farm Store where you will fine farm fresh produce, products and crafts by Houston makers, local food and beverages–all designed to put the whole family in touch with our farm in the middle of the city.

For the ultimate in sustainable action, take a look at our Rainwater Capture System underwritten by The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club.  This state-of-the-art installation designed and built by Stirling Electric and Irrigation will redirect 95,000 gallons of rainwater** that our Gathering Barn roof sheds each year to our irrigation, and plumbing systems.  Register to win a Rain Barrel for your home.

**95,000 gallons of water = 6,333 bottles of water; or 20 full tanker trucks; or nearly a year’s worth of water for the average American Family.