Growing Urban Farmers

Growing Urban Farmers 

Dreaming of becoming an urban farmer? We offer a 12-week program as an introduction to urban farming, which is open to anyone over 18 years old. Scheduled to accommodate farming curious students who are interested in growing food as a career, this course helps students gain a full understanding of what is entailed in professional farming and to learn basic agricultural skills–especially those unique to the Gulf Coast. Twenty hours per week is spent in a combination of formal instruction, field trips and field study sessions, learning the basics of an urban food growing operation. 

Participants will acquire the knowledge, basic skills and awareness of horticultural proficiencies and resources required to pursue urban farming as a viable career option or to scale their home garden to provide more food for their family.

Graduates of Growing Urban Farmers may go on to secure specialty certifications in one more of the many in-depth Master Classes offered at Hope Farms, ranging from building a business plan to poultry and egg production to fruit tree management.  A schedule of advanced certification classes and fees is published each year, but they are typically offered in the winter and summer seasons.

Classes for registered Growing Urban Farmer students begin semi-annually on the first Monday of March and October.  Applications are considered on a first-come basis. Application Fee is $100 payable upon acceptance into the program to secure a position. Tuition is $2,400. Tuition assistance programs are available, including a limited number of scholarships of up to 95% and a work-study program allowing students to “work off” tuition at a rate of $15 per hour.  Tuition assistance requires a separate application and is made available to any student based on demonstrated need and to all Military Veterans who apply and are accepted.