Farmer Training Classes

Hope Farmer Training is committed to expanding the ranks of successful urban micro-farmers in our country, especially on the Gulf Coast. When pursued in its entirety, our hands-on curriculum is comprised of horticulture, crop planning, enterprise and supply chain management, farm accounting, marketing and business planning, which is designed to introduce students to urban farming and prepare them to operate a profitable business. Learn the basics of growing food on the Gulf Coast by starting with our three month Growing Urban Farmers program.  If you decide to take it to the next level and pursue farming as a career, you may earn specialty certifications in everything from poultry and greenhouse management to crop planning, season extensions, irrigation, and many other aspects of operating profitable urban micro farm, including crafting a winning business plan.

We offer several tracks, which are open to anyone to apply, including internships and fellowships.  We are also honored to provide full and partial needs-based scholarships to Veterans and others who qualify. And thanks to the USDA, we continue to mentor and support our veteran program graduates as they establish their new agribusinesses.

From Warriors to Farmers

Growing Urban Farmers

Chefs in the Field

Farm Interns & Fellows

Our trainees grow produce; you can buy it