Earth Day Goes Virtual in Pandemic

by Apr 22, 2020

We had planned to welcome all our neighbors to Hope Farms as usual to celebrate Earth Day with classes and makers, music and food, but a pandemic got in the way. 

Rather than completely cancel, we invited our collaborators to come on out and join us in a live Facebook event from 9-2–exactly when the live festival was planned.

SPICE Guild leader, Zeenath Selvakumar started us off with Yoga in the Fields, which was lovely. Then our farmers led classes on how to plant a Salsa and Three Sisters gardens; they showed us how to compost and unlocked the mystery of the three number code you see on fertilizers.  We got a look at the fields and the greenhouse, met the chickens and the goats.

Fabulous chefs led us through recipes for salsa, salads and other delectables; HIVE Bee gave us an insider tour of beekeeping. And we ended with the children crafting haikus on the spot followed by a story about Mother Earth. It was a glorious day!